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Updated: Apr 5

Have you heard of Bathe Therapy? The amazing Bayside Business that creates botanical bathing products, self-care products and gorgeous gift-boxes?

This is definitely something that you should know about!! So read on…

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The beautiful products and gift-boxes from Bathe Therapy are toxic-free, cruelty-free and are created with eco-friendly recyclable & compostable packaging.

The founder, Sarah, is extremely lovely and so very passionate about empowering people to prioritise their own wellbeing by creating regular self-care rituals.

Here's Sarah's story...

"As many of you would have experienced when becoming a mum, your priorities change and being physically and emotionally available to your children becomes so important. For me part of being emotionally available, was to fill my own cup with the work I was doing so I could then fill Ella’s cup when we we're together.

By following what felt like a very natural pull towards creating a business where each day I’m living my dream of being creative & making beautiful natural self-care products, while helping other women look after themselves was the answer.

My biggest lesson so far is to back yourself, and allow the process to unfold in front of you, if you are doing something that you’re passionate about you will succeed because you feel fulfilled and happy."

You should definitely visit her online store to view the amazing range of self-care boxes, ritual boxes, candles, mists and skin care products. She even has a range of organic products specifically for men.

Here’s what customers are saying about Bathe Therapy…

Next time you need to buy a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or you feel like pampering yourself with a bit of self-care, definitely check out I’m sure you will love these divine products as much as I do!!

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