Briony Walker - Brilliant Documentary Photographer

Briony Walker is a Wynnum local and a brilliant documentary photographer. I have had the pleasure of working with Briony on many shoots for my community business 'be featured' articles.

Briony is not only a lovely person who really cares about her clients, but she is also extremely artistic and adept with her photography.

During the shoot, Briony will effortlessly glide around chatting and clicking away. You almost don’t realise that she is creating magic as she does this.

A day or two later you get the most glorious email in your inbox. A stunning gallery of all the works of art that Briony has captured.

I’m literally astounded each and every time.



Briony's timeless children’s portraits capture the personality and quirkiness of your kids at each stage of childhood and are very different to the usual staged portraiture. Check our her Day-in-the-Life sessions to see what I mean!

Here’s Briony’s bio…

Briony Walker - Documentary photographer A multi-disciplinary photographer capturing delightful images for families in Brisbane & Australia-wide AND Creating fresh imagery to elevate your business brand See less Based in Wynnum, Bayside, Brisbane, Australia.

FAMILY: In-home documentary photography capturing your family's heart and soul.

BUSINESS: Authentic Brand Imagery for bloggers and big hearted business.

FINE ART: Large prints for your home or content for your social media accounts

PROJECT: @thebeautymythproject on Instagram. Redefining 'beauty'.

Next time you require a photographer for your family, business, home, or project, Briony Walker is the person to go with! I can’t recommend her photography services highly enough!

Selfie by Kirsty




About the Author: Kirsty Foster is the founder of Social Mums Club, local teacher, author of the book Values Guided Parenting, wife and mum to 3 amazing boys aged 5, 11, and 14 years. Kirsty created Social Mums Club to connect, empower and support local mums. She believes that having a group of local mum friends is essential for maintaining good mental health throughout the parenting journey.

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