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Hi I’m Kirsty… busy mum of 3, local teacher and social club organiser.

Like all parents I’m always juggling a lot of balls in the air - multi-tasking to the max and putting everyone else’s needs before my own. I’m not good at relaxing, hell I don’t even sit down. But deep down I know that I need to. How can I fill everyone else’s emotional cup when I don’t keep my own cup replenished? It’s the most important thing of all, but it’s the hardest thing in the world to do!

Back in July, my lovely sister gave me a City Cave, Wynnum voucher for my birthday. As much as it sounded like a delightful thing to do, I didn’t ‘have time’ to use it for 6 months. Finally (and yes this was in the middle of the looooong summer holidays) I decided that it was in fact the perfect time to reserve a few hours for myself so that I could relax, re-energise and re-centre.

I knew that it would be good for me, but what I experienced in real life was beyond my wildest expectations. Let me tell you more…

So I was lucky enough to experience the Complete Wellness Package, which is described as this:

“Our all-encompassing 3 hour package includes all three of our City Cave services! You will enjoy a 45 minute infrared sauna, 60 minute float therapy session, and finish on a relaxing 45 minute massage. The ultimate day of indulgence.”

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? I’m going to walk you through exactly what this felt like so you can understand what it would be like to also live the most relaxing day of your life.

Kirsty Foster looking stressed before her day at the City Cave, Wynnum

This is me on the way to the City Cave Wynnum… I look happy enough - maybe a little uptight. This is the before picture.


City Cave Wynnum’s aim is to “offer the antidote to modern technology, stress and workplace burnout in a welcoming and tranquil environment.”

From the moment you step foot inside the front door you feel instantly welcome and tranquil. The smell is relaxing, the lights are dimmed, Ally and the team are friendly, warm and seem genuinely excited to have you there. (Probably because they know you are about to have the best day of your life!).

Then you get taken to the stunning relaxation waiting room. Where you can drink organic tea out of divine vessels, and read magazines and uplifting books. You can also learn about the services you are about to enjoy and how they work on a handy little information video.


Before long it was SAUNA TIME!

Never had one of these before? Here’s a little info:

“Infrared saunas use the same type of heat as the sun without the ultraviolet rays we know to be harmful. Instead of heating the air, infrared saunas use radiant heat to penetrate the body directly to help detoxify, relieve pain and reduce inflammation.”

The lovely ladies explain how to select the type of sauna that is right for you and how to play your favourite playlist from your phone. There’s even a special little heat-proof box for your phone to go into so that it doesn’t overheat. They’ve thought of everything!

The different coloured infrared heats have a different effect on the body and you get to choose which colour you’d like to go for. Here’s a general summary of the benefits of an infrared sauna.

After a lot of deliberation I went with the orange sauna. It was pretty amazing. Yes it was hot, very hot and I don’t think I’ve ever been that sweaty in my life. But afterwards boy did I feel light, clean, and like my body was running optimally. It was really fascinating.

After this I went back to the relaxation room to freshen up, cool down and hydrate. Then it was FLOAT TIME!


“Float therapy involves floating in water heated to match your body temperature with a high concentration of Epsom salt. This combination helps your body enter a deep state of relaxation, so your brain can enter a place of rest and repair.”

Yes you are normally naked and in the pool when you float… I’m just posing for the photo (clothed) here for obvious reasons.

Before you hop into the float you shower and put your ear plugs in (you get to keep these too).

Then you lie down facing upwards with your head on a little floating ring that acts as a pillow.

You can opt to turn out the lights and make it pitch black. Or leave the blue lights on which creates a really beautiful relaxing hue. I wanted to get the full experience so I turned out the light (it’s just button near your right shoulder) and nestled in for my float experience. There’s relaxing music playing at first through speakers inside the pool, after a while this stops and it’s the craziest thing. It’s almost like you don’t exist for 50 minutes. You can’t see, it’s dead quiet and your body is weightless. It’s like checking out of your body and going to a place of ultimate relaxation for 50 minutes. Towards the end of your float the music gently starts again and this is your cue to come back to your body, and start preparing to exit. Yes you can sleep in there… and I did.

If you want to know more about float therapy here’s a handy link. Before I went to City Cave I did wonder if I would like floating in a bath that other people had floated in. But in reality, it felt incredibly clean, the filters do an amazing job and I had no hesitation whatsoever about getting into the pool.

Next I had a shower and tried out the divine shower products, I popped my robe (and underwear) on and headed back to the relaxation room to wait for my massage.


“Each of our locations offer a range of massage therapies that can help you improve your health and achieve deep relaxation. We specialise in remedial, sports, pregnancy and relaxation massage therapies.”

Three words for you… BEST MASSAGE EVER!

Enough said.


After my trefecta of relaxation I headed over to the designated space to enjoy some of the divine products they have to offer. The moisturisers and mists were beautiful and I could smell them for hours after my city cave experience, reminding me of those relaxing vibes for the rest of the day.


Here’s what I looked like after my 1 ½ hour Complete Wellness Package

Ha ha look at those eyes. Sooo relaxed! Sooo good. The most amazing day ever and although I didn’t pay for mine, if I had it would have honestly been worth every cent!


City Cave is next to Fun Fit Play inside the Health Precinct on Bay Terrace in Wynnum.


The Complete Wellness Package is $175 but if you want to do each of the sections separately you can…

45 min sauna: $35

60 min float: $79

45 min massage: $90

60 min massage: $110

90 min massage: $150

60 min signature massage: $125

And you can upgrade to a couples sauna or float for only an additional $10! They often have mum friends come share a sauna together so they can catch up and boost their health at the same time, turns out to be good value at only $22.50 each for 45 mins when you split down the middle

There are also a variety of packages and packs - all of the prices can be found here


Since Ally and the lovely team at City Cave Wynnum are our community partners they have an exclusive for us! Show them your Social Mums PLUS key ring/mask, or use the online discount code and access 15% off sauna and float services!! How good is that!

*Please note, this applies to single services only (the combined services are already discounted).

So what are you waiting for! Prioritise your own well-being and enjoy your very own day of indulgence. You deserve it!!



About the Author: Kirsty Foster is the founder of Social Mums Club, local teacher, author of the book Values Guided Parenting, wife and mum to 3 amazing boys aged 5, 11, and 14 years.

Kirsty believes that mums are happier with friends and a supportive community. She created Social Mums Club to end ‘mum isolation’ and to make local friend making easier.

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