Knight Pool Safety Inspections

Summer is coming!!

Are you lucky enough to have a swimming pool at your house?

Then it’s time to dust off the swimmers and prepare for the upcoming swimming season.

Did you know that a private pool fence needs to be compliant with the December 2015 Pool Safety Standards?

Do you know if your pool fence is compliant with these safety standards?

Nobody wants to find themselves in a situation where a child was harmed as a result of a non-compliant pool fence. Sadly drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children under five years old.

Key steps for prevention

1. Supervision

2. Reduce the hazard (Provision of safety barriers, non-climbable zones etc.)

3. Knowledge/water awareness

4. Resuscitation


I’m sure you’re onto numbers 1, 3 and 4 (above) but you can tick off number 2 and proactively keep your family safe, by employing Paul Knight from ‘Knight Pool Safety Inspections’ to check and certify your pool fence.

His inspections cover every detail of the pool enclosure. Such as the safety barrier, the latch, hazards identification i.e pots, windows, doors, stairs, boundary fences, plants and anything that could allow a child to climb, crawl, jump, slip through or even fall into a pool.

As pool owners we can get so used to our own pool environment that we don’t notice the hazards that have popped up around the pool area. Having your pool fence regularly checked, by a professional, is a great thing to do at the start of every swimming season.

As a father and grandfather Paul is very passionate about keeping children safe around pools.

He wants to ensure your children and visitors are safe in your pool too.

Paul is extremely punctual, organised with an intense attention to detail and I can’t think of a better person to ensure your pool is safe and compliant.

When do you need a pool safety inspection?

  • If you are selling or buying a property.

  • A rental property needs a new certificate each time there is a change of tenant.

  • You may also want to get a pool safety certificate for peace of mind and for the safety of your children and visitors

What areas do ‘Knight Pool Safety Inspections’ service?

South East Queensland - Bayside through to Redland Coast and everything in between.

How long it takes to complete the inspection?

Typically, 45 minutes to an hour.

How much does the pool inspection cost?

$245 (incl GST) per average size pool.

This includes one follow up visit (if required) and the all-important QBCC Pool Certificate.

Not much really when you consider that it could save a child’s life.

How does it work?

After the inspection is completed and the pool surround passes, the Form 23 Pool Safety Certificate will be issued within 2 days. Should the pool surround fail, a non-compliant notice may be issued and fence reinspected once the failed items are rectified.

To book your inspection contact Paul in the following ways…


Mobile- 0450604648, Office- 38212220


QBCC PSI Licence: PS15320699


Have a safe and fun swimming season with your family and friends!



About the Author: Kirsty Foster is the founder of Social Mums Club, local teacher, wife and mum to 3 amazing boys aged 6, 11, and 14 years. Kirsty created Social Mums Club to connect, empower and support local mums. She believes that having a group of local mum friends is essential for maintaining good mental health throughout the parenting journey.

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