Money Made Simple with Alpha


Does that word make you want to sigh?

Is money causing you a lot of stress and/or overwhelm?

You are certainly not alone.

With the cost of living increasing all the time, many of us are feeling like this. But what can we do?

Alpha Schulte from Money Made Simple can help!

Alpha is a lovely, warm person who is so passionate about guiding women through the fundamentals of money in a simple way. With over 20 years’ experience, Alpha is a Money & Lifestyle Coach, an ex-tax accountant, management consultant, and has a Diploma of Financial Planning.

I can’t think of a better person to help you build a more positive relationship with money.

Alpha will help you to:

”Connect with your Values and discover (or rediscover) what makes you happy in life - then make your money match this lifestyle vision. Fast-track this journey with support & easy to implement actions. Get where you want to go deliberately!”

Sounds amazing right!

Recently I was fortunate enough to take part in a values session with Alpha. The first step in Alpha’s financial wellbeing process.

I must say that I went into this session feeling pretty confident that I knew my values and what was important to me.

But, wow, did I get a lot out of our session.

In less than an hour Alpha guided me through a fun values discovery session. She had these awesome cards and supported me to make decisions about what was truly important to me. She knew just the right questions to ask and how to challenge my answers to ensure that I was delving deep and making the right decisions. By the end of the session I had my three values…

  • Creativity

  • Challenge

  • Connection

This was so fascinating, liberating and motivating all at the same time. It explained so much about myself - why I’ve made certain choices over the years, why I love doing certain things and procrastinate doing other things. It explains why I created Social Mums Club - I have made a career out of connecting people and connecting with people.

It was actually amazing!

What happens next?

Once you have completed your values session with Alpha you can do one of the following…

1. Complete her Online Course

Get yourself on the waitlist for her Financial Fulfillment in 7 Simple Steps program (which will be launching in a month). This program sounds incredible, it is targeted to help you identify:

  • WHY you want money

  • WHAT kind of lifestyle you actually want

  • WHERE you can save money.

  • TAKE ACTION (the HOW) to experience the lifestyle you want!

More info here…

2. Have private coaching with Alpha

If you are more of a one-on-one kind of person, you can book in for private coaching with Alpha… which by the way would be AMAZING… she really knows her stuff!

Link here...

3. Attend the upcoming Wholistic Money Workshop

Alpha has an amazing workshop coming up on the 16th of October 2022 in Wynnum.

A unique workshop that is designed to help you improve how you manage money, while also guiding you through some personal development tools to support your money journey.

This workshop is part money education, part personal development and part self-care! The reason behind this is to acknowledge that as women we are multi-faceted, and our physical, mental and financial wellness are important as a collective.

Here is what you can expect out of this workshop:

  • An understanding of what your Core Values are, why they are important and how you can apply them to improve your decision making

  • A view of your Lifestyle Vision and how this will help you to stay focused and motivated on your money journey, even when times get tough or time is short

  • Clarity on how to manage your money by building your Money Pie - how to carve up your money to align with your Values and Lifestyle Vision

  • Understanding ways to maximise your superannuation

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Estate Planning

  • Clear Action Steps to implement after the workshop.

Social Mums PLUS members even get 15% discount on this workshop when you use the discount code SOCIALMUMS

Sign up here…

In summary, feeling overwhelmed by money is normal. Alpha can help you make incremental money changes as quickly and easily as possible. She can provide awareness and clarity for you to work towards your lifestyle vision – be that financial independence or wealth building, or whatever it is specifically for you.

Visit the Money Made Simple website for more information

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram

Or listen to Alpha’s fab podcast - Money with Alpha



About the Author: Kirsty Foster is the founder of Social Mums Club, local teacher, wife and mum to 3 amazing boys aged 6, 11, and 14 years. Kirsty created Social Mums Club to connect, empower and support local mums. She believes that having a group of local mum friends is essential for maintaining good mental health throughout the parenting journey.

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