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Margaret Vote - Principal Agent at Raine & Horne Wynnum Manly


Everyone wants to live in Wynnum/Manly at the moment. Who could blame them?

The beautiful esplanade, the marina, the wonderful cafes, restaurants and bars, the fantastic people, the amazing playgrounds. It’s a terrific place to live!!

With a booming real estate market sellers want to get the best price for their property and purchasers want to find the right house for their needs, for the best price they can get.

To pull all of this off you need high calibre real estate agents connecting people and working hard to facilitate transactions that are suitable for both parties.

There are many real estate agents to choose from in the area, in my experience you can’t get much better than Margaret Vote and her team at Raine & Horne Wynnum Manly.

Margaret is an outstanding real estate agent.

She has such a talent for connecting the ‘right buyer’ for the ‘right home’.

What makes Marg so special is that she isn’t doing this for her own personal gain.

She does it because: she really wants the best for everyone involved in the transaction; she wants the best for the Wynnum Manly community; and she is particularly driven by performing her own personal best.

As soon as you meet Marg, you know straight away that she is not in real estate for the money. She’s in this business because she loves it.

She loves the people, she loves the community and she loves the challenge.

I met Marg a few years ago when my husband and I saw a house that was advertised that we had fallen in love with. Whilst Marg was the agent for the gentlemen selling the house, throughout the entire process we felt safe, valued, and respected.

Even though Marg wasn’t officially our agent, it really felt like she had our best interests at heart too and she managed to facilitate a transaction that was beneficial to both parties. This is truly her gift.

Don’t just take my word for it either…. Here are some reviews from other happy customers. There were so many, I just took a few to share from the huge selection.

“We have sold and bought several houses with Margaret. She is a rarity in the real estate business. She listens and works to understand peoples’ needs. She is helpful, trustworthy and caring. She's unlike many other real estate agents in that she is focussed on customer satisfaction rather than making a buck.”

Jen and Roger

“Marg was a great real estate agent for us. We first met Marg here but she also showed us around a number of other homes in the Wynnum, Manly and Lota area. She knew a lot of history about the whole area and was happy for us to find our forever home. She was genuinely interested in us finding something that was right for us. To her it was not about the sale but finding the right fit and the quality.”

Craig and Kate

“We know Marg from the Manly dragon boat club. Marg has been a wonderful supporter and participant for a number of years. She is always friendly and helpful. She also found us our new home in Manly last September. We are very grateful to her.”

Peter and Ngaire

If you have any queries about selling, buying, renting or just want some friendly advice on the Real Estate Industry I strongly encourage you to get in touch with Margaret Vote and the team at Raine & Horne Wynnum Manly. I can’t recommend them highly enough!!

Margaret’s Story

My decision to become an agent was based purely on a change of family circumstance, rather than having any desire to be a real estate agent. In fact working in real estate was the complete opposite of all I wanted to do or become. However life’s journey often has twists and turns that seem to place us in unfamiliar territory but given a reason, commitment, time and energy these changes put me on a path that enabled me to fulfill my need for serving a definite purpose and also to prosper.

There were sound practical reasons to do real estate like being close to home and rostered hours so I could go home if needed for my family and Stepfather who now lived with us and had health issues so my pragmatic side decided to swap from sales on new homes where I had to drive an hour each way to Northside every day and still only get paid if/when the house was sold.

Initially I was uncomfortable saying I was an agent but now I am grateful and thankful that I have had the fortune to work with so many people from various places, cultures and backgrounds.

It is always about wanting the best for each person or family and ‘keeping them safe in the transaction’.

The rest is history as 24 years later with lots of hours helping people get ready to sell and buy their homes it became obvious to me in hindsight that I made the best decision for my life even though back then in 1997/1998 I had only just moved Bayside a few months earlier and knew no-one local.

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About the Author: Kirsty Foster is the founder of Social Mums Club, local teacher, author of the book Values Guided Parenting, wife and mum to 3 amazing boys aged 5, 11, and 14 years.

Kirsty believes that mums are happier with friends and a supportive community. She created Social Mums Club to end ‘mum isolation’ and to make local friend making easier.

About the Photographer: Briony Walker - Documentary photographer A multi-disciplinary photographer capturing delightful images for families in Brisbane & Australia-wide AND Creating fresh imagery to elevate your business brand See less Based in Wynnum, Bayside, Brisbane, Australia.

FAMILY: In-home documentary photography capturing your family's heart and soul.

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