Sunfox Active - Amazing Bayside Activewear brand!

Updated: Apr 5

I love active wear and I love to save my money. When I discovered that there was a new local active wear brand in town AND it was really affordable, I was over the moon. But what I didn't expect, was how beautiful the garments would be.

As soon as you put on your very first pair of Sunfox tights, you are hooked. The fabric has amazingly smooth buttery feel which is not only comfortable, but also has the surprising knack of sucking you in tight, smoothing out any bumps and making you feel a million bucks. If you're a mum, like me, you'll love the high wasted tights as they provide support for the mummy tummy but let you show off the rest of your curves. They are also squat proof... meaning they don't fall down when you do squats in them AND there's absolutely no camel toe - I know you laugh at this, but you're also amazed right?

The sports bras are equally beautiful and comfortable with their intricate straps, smooth fabrics and built in support... oh and the tops, they're pretty awesome too.

You can also get other great accessories to complete the Sunfox ensemble such as seam-free undies with no VPL, caps, gym bags and yoga mats.

Sunfox Activewear was founded by the lovely Fiona Qian. Fiona is a Manly local, Mum of 3 and is one of the loveliest people in town. Sunfox is celebrating their first anniversary this November. Word is starting to spread about this amazing activewear brand... if you pop down to the Esplanade on any given day you will see plenty of Sunfox ladies running or walking past.

So let's go over this again...

Sunfox Activewear:

  • Uber comfortable

  • Makes you feel a million bucks

  • You look amazing

  • It's super affordable (more than half the price of leading active wear brands)

  • It's a local Bayside business

  • Run by a lovely local mum

What more could you want in an active wear brand! Check out or @sunfoxactive to check out the full range for yourself or a loved one. You'll be glad you did!



About the Author: Kirsty Foster is the founder of Social Mums Club, local teacher, author of the book Values Guided Parenting, wife and mum to 3 amazing boys aged 5, 11, and 14 years.

Kirsty believes that mums are happier with friends and a supportive community. She created Social Mums Club to end ‘mum isolation’ and to make local friend making easier.

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