Yoga Bayside - a sanctuary away from life stresses

In the heart of Wynnum, on Edith Street, just down from Coles, is a sanctuary away from life stresses. A place to find some head space and place to breathe.

Haven’t been there yet? Well let me introduce you to Yoga Bayside, the friendliest yoga community in Bayside.

Yoga Bayside offers yoga, mat pilates, meditation classes and a wonderful array of events such as a ‘Roll Relax and Release Tension’ Masterclass, a ‘Women’s Circle’, and ‘Beginners’ Yoga Level 1’. Just to name a few.

You will spot Yoga Bayside by their sign out on the footpath on Edith Street. As you walk down the hallway you’ll discover a beautiful, serene, modern and clean yoga studio filled with beautiful fragrances, greenery and a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The owner, Dee Hughes, genuinely cares about her yoga community. She is encouraging, positive, and welcoming. And her Irish accent is absolutely gorgeous.

Yoga Bayside is a place to just BE YOURSELF. You are welcome, just as you are.

You don’t have to be flexible or look a certain way to do Yoga.

If you have a body and can breathe, you can do Yoga.

Yoga Bayside are excited to share their love of yoga with you, to guide you on your journey of awareness and self discovery as well as physical and mental wellbeing.

Most importantly to cultivate a space where you can fall in love with yourself.

I encourage you to become part of this heartfelt community, meet and connect with like-minded people and have fun doing it.

Visit Yoga Bayside today!

I look forward to seeing you there.



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Dee has an exclusive offer for Social Mums PLUS members.

When you show your Social Mums' Club keyring, you receive 15% discount off all class packs, annual and monthly memberships.

*The offer does not include weekly direct debit membership or workshops.

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About the Author: Kirsty Foster is the founder of Social Mums Club, local teacher, author of the book Values Guided Parenting, wife and mum to 3 amazing boys aged 5, 11, and 14 years. Kirsty created Social Mums Club to connect, empower and support local mums. She believes that having a group of local mum friends is essential for maintaining good mental health throughout the parenting journey.

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