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Wager your control of a fortress to win the round and claim a valuable resource. INVERSUS features a fast-paced single-player campaign mode, PVP battles online and local play, and an integrated tournament system with automatic bracketing, which splits players into groups based on skill level. INVERSUS PRO Online Tournament Module is now available to add to existing INVERSUS PRO Arcade mode. With the Tournament Module, players can battle it out for a chance to win the INVERSUS Championship Cup, the top ranking of the INVERSUS PRO Online Tournament. The Tournament Module adds an offline tournament option to INVERSUS PRO Arcade, which lets the community compete for glory, build a reputation with their in-game ranking, and then move on to more competitive play. INVERSUS PRO Arcade is free to play and has no paywall. Competitions are based on money, but there is no cost to join. The Tournament Module is a paid addition that unlocks additional arenas, rule changes and a personal rank. Gameplay INVERSUS is a fast-paced competitive arcade shooter, played locally or online. INVERSUS is a competitive multiplayer game and uses a point-based system. Each round of the game lasts only a few seconds, but a round can be won by finishing last. A round of the game is triggered by each player when their control-point reaches the "trigger" number. Once a player's control-point reaches the trigger, they and their teammates in the current map must kill a specific number of opponents. Those targets can be seen as rings of green and red. If the target number of kills is reached without the player's control-point reaching the trigger, the round is lost for that player, and another trigger is started. The game provides a strategic choice, where players can choose to attack a target ring or defend against an attack. Both choices provide different advantages and disadvantages. The "trigger" number of kills targets are lowered the more players that are in the attacking ring (but can be lowered further with more players). The players in the defending ring have more time to act and can defend multiple enemies at once. Upon reaching the trigger, each player can "charge" their control-point. Charging allows the player to move their cursor to a different point on the map, while continuing to control their current point




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INVERSUS Deluxe Download Link Pc

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