Hi I'm Kirsty Foster, founder of Social Mums Club

My Family.png

This is me with my gorgeous family.

My husband's work opportunities have kept us quite transient. For the last 14 years, every 18th month (or so) we have moved to a new town/city. As you can imagine this was not always easy.

It was my job to help the family settle into the new community and each time I had to create a new social circle for all of us. Throughout these experiences I developed the confidence to put myself out there. I am now lucky enough to have amazing friends in every community we have lived in and I am really thankful for these opportunities.

Today we are permanently settled in beautiful Bayside. After living here for 2 years we are well and truly beginning to put down roots - even buying a home in Wynnum.

I created Social Mums Club to make new friends myself AND to support all the other mums out there that are either new to our community, or just wanting to extend their village and make new friends and connections.

I absolutely love seeing our members make new friendships through this group, it fills me with an immense amount of joy.

Thank you for being part of it and I hope, like me, you will create some amazing friendships that add so much value to your lives and will last a lifetime!